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Offering a wide range of courses and workshops, the speciality of Arts Clubhouse is to take the results of the workshops and develop into a tangible, professionally produced outcome, and whether that is a book, a mural or an exhibition, all participants and the wider community can enjoy the work for many years after.


Creativity, wellbeing and community are at the heart of everything we do at Arts Clubhouse.  Our friendly and fully inclusive programme improves, creative skills, health and wellbeing, creative thinking and reflection.

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courses and workshops


Arts Clubhouse offers a wide range of workshops to explore many aspects of art, design and illustration to suit the needs of the individual group. 

 The workshops are tailored to suit any age or ability, from pre-school, KS1-4, through to businesses, private gatherings and parties, adult community projects, and retirement homes.

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Murals are a great way to bring communities together and enhance the environment making the perfect projects for schools, businesses, libraries, hospitals, housing trusts and more.

This is not limited to the same client or space, as we aim to facilitate exciting collaborations across agencies and  communities. 

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Bright colourful illustrated published printed picture books created by primary school children

Arts Clubhouse designs workshops to suit the chosen subject, and  develops the outcomes into a professionally printed book for the participants to share and cherish for years to come.

These cross curricular projects can offer an opportunity to explore complicated issues.  Books can be fact or fiction and can be published or unpublished.

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Large public events are a great way to reach out to different groups to collaborate creatively.  Events are suitable for all ages so intergenerational and totally inclusive.  

Events are often used to explore specific subjects or special occasions as they are tailored to the needs of the group and the outcomes required. 

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benefits of art


There are many benefits of community art courses and larger projects and this is becoming more widely recognised in institutes such as the NHS and other health and wellbeing providers. 

The benefits are wide ranging, so please read the short summary to see if your organisation can benefit.

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artsmark partner


Arts Clubhouse is proud to be working in partnership with schools and settings on their Artsmark Award journey. 

By supporting Artsmark settings, we’re helping put the arts at the heart of education, inspiring young people to create, experience and participate in high quality arts and culture. Find out more about Artsmark at

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This video is an overview of Arts Clubhouse projects, communities and feedback.  Featuring;

Wormholt Park Primary School | Published book

Westbury House Preparatory School | Celebratory book

Notting Hill Housing Trust | Garden Mural Project
Alconbury CofE Primary School | School Values Mural

Landmark Arts Centre | The Big Draw Event (public)

The Albert | Kingston Arts Open Studio (KAOS) Public printing event 

courses and workshops

Welcome to courses and workshops

Using art to explore and experiment in a safe and welcoming environment, groups can enjoy a wide variety of creative processes.  Workshops are suitable for groups of any age or ability, including preschool to KS4, adult community groups, retirement groups, businesses, parties and more.

For organisations looking to run a course, please see some suggested options below.  For individuals looking to join a course, please contact us directly to discuss options.

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choosing a course


Exploring oils, acrylics or watercolours  using a variety of tools to express tone, colour, light, and texture

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Exploring mark making to express tone, line, perspective and texture, using a variety of media

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print making


Includes the more accessible print making techniques,  including mono printing, block printing and collograph printing.

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Using a life model and props, this course can be tutored or untutored according to the ability of the group.

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Working in 3D using different materials, learning traditional methods and developing own explorations.

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fashion and textiles


From designing and making your own clothes to manipulating fabrics to create artworks.  There is a lots to do with fabrics...

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your project ideas

Wall Art can tranform any space, either interior or exterior.  Projects suit all community groups and businesses to unite, inspire and empower. 

Share your mural and wall art ideas with me and we can work out how to make them a reality. 

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About murals


Murals are developed to suit the needs of any group and budget.  

Workshops are developed with the specific intention to collate and develop the images into a fantastic peice of wall art either indoor or outdoors. 

 The subject for these workshops is specifically tailored to the setting and Arts Clubhouse professionally produces the larger than life wall art from the outcome of the workshops.  


Arts Clubhouse offers differing production methods to meet all needs and budgets

  • Hand painted murals on walls or boards.
  • Digitally printed di-bonded boards.
  • Heat sealed conformable vinyl wall covering.


Mural projects are not limited to the same client or space, as we aim to facilitate exciting collaboration across communities, businesses and agencies. 



Participants write their own narrative on any chosen subject.  This can be fictional exploration or a factual reinforcement of subjects from the curriculum to consolidate learning.

Based on the narrative, Arts Clubhouse designs exciting and inclusive workshops to ensure every child has work represented in the final book.


Arts Clubhouse, takes the workshop outcomes for development and creates the final book design.


The book is professionally printed with the option to publish if required.  This is exciting part of the project when children share the book with their friends, family and wider community, boosting confidence with a memory and a book to treasure for years to come. 



benefits of community art

benefits of community art


Through collaboration, we ensure all participants are fully immersed in the activity, to develop a true sense of belonging within the group. During larger projects, sharing work publicly develops a further sense of belonging to the wider community.


We delight in seeing the joy shared by participants, and the increased self-esteem, workshops can inspire.  We help participants to be confident through experimentation and complete ownership of the work throughout.
By facilitating the development of larger collaborative final outcomes, and authentically representing the work publicly, is incredibly empowering for all project participants.  


By creating a welcoming and fun environment through workshops and projects, this has the effect of reducing negative emotions and increasing positive emotions.

Reducing stress and anxiety

It is generally accepted that creating art can be very therapeutic.  Making all activities engaging and absorbing allows the participants the opportunity to focus creatively and rest the mind.  Where people have previously been distracted or agitated by their condition or illness, we can see first-hand, the soothing effect creative engagement can have.

Reinforcing a growth mindset

All workshops and projects encourage critical thinking and problem solving.  Through reflection, we encourage continuous self-development.

Taking Risks

A fear of failure or criticism can become increasingly inhibitive, so we encourage participants to 'go for it' and see what happens.  It's sometimes something unexpected...but always something good!  

Supporting education 

In a changing educational landscape it can be hard for schools to strike a balance whilst meeting EBACC and STEM priorities.  All school projects are managed by Arts Clubhouse to support schools in delivering balanced, cross-curricular activities.


Workshops and projects offer a great team building opportunity.  Participants are given the tools and the language to support each other in their creative pursuits


"You can use their expertise and they can see things that in a way that you may not be able to… working in a school environment, I think it is good to bring in fresh ideas and fresh people to take you on a journey which you may not have been able to do on your own, and that’s exactly what Arts Clubhouse did and we are so happy to have been part of this project."

"I would absolutely recommend this project to community groups… I think it brings people together...”

"We worked fantastically well as a team. I felt that Arts Clubhouse understood exactly what we wanted and that Arts Clubhouse and Jane listened to our ideas and then worked with them in the fantastic way that we needed her expertise to do."

"I think the outcome of the project has been realised and more…. It’s exactly what we wanted."

"This was a fantastic project. The children engaged beautifully they were buzzing. They loved working with all the different media. It was something that they hadn’t had a chance to experience before, actually being part of a published book…"


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